The story of “Multiple Faces”

The series I call "Diverse Faces" was the beginning of everything for me. I started in the plastic arts with this first painting, and I made it become my identity. I always loved the curves, rounded objects ... I followed this line also choosing to portray a little of what I felt ...
To that, I have so much to thank the curator of New York Patricia Levites, who even before me, understood that this would become my True Identity in art, by the branch of expressions of feelings that it allows me. Much encouraged by Patricia, I followed with freedom towards what I wanted to share with the world ...
Feeling almost always a super woman. But not as a hero, but as a person responsible for so many obligations and commitments, I literally need to "turn around" to solve everything, meet deadlines, take care of family, work, etc.

So, everything made sense when I started to paint on canvas, my Various Faces.
The picture fell on the grace of the European curators as well, and I had the wonderful opportunity to exhibit at the millenarian gallery Michalsky Dvor in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was the exhibition Colors of Brazil in its third edition. I was very happy to represent my country, in Europe, where art is most appreciated and highly valued.

The gallery, as you can see in the photo, is very rustic, splendid place!


After this single-frame exhibition, I began a series with varying variations of color, number of faces, and intensity.

"Several Faces" is my code.

By the amount of faces and color mixture, portrait as I'm feeling. Sometimes more distressed, others very happy, others in love, even worried.

I wanted to share this with you, and brought these screenings to the exhibitions!

This further increases my desire to paint, knowing that I carry in my chest the image of my beloved country!



When the exhibition went to Vienna, Austria, I had already painted two other versions!


Um beijo enorme aos amantes da Arte!

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