Díptico Lúdico at Louvre’ Exhibition

DÍPTICO LÚDICO – exposed at LOUVRE’s Carroussel


In this pair of complementary canvases, I tried to express my maximum ... I am an intense person, and the feeling of joy permeates my life regardless of the easier or more difficult phases. We all do, do not we?

My intention was to share with everyone my conception of the universe.
As you can see, it is always composed of vivid colors, curves, many curves ... And I have tried to capture all the universal elements. Light, space, life, encounters, harmony, needs, diversity ... All the whole!

This was the picture that won the scrutineering of European curatorship, and with it I had the magnificent opportunity to represent my beloved country in France, where art is more dissipated and part of everyday life.
With much affection and receptivity, I was taken to the Louvre Museum, for having cited the canvas as "one of the most complete ways of expressing the universe". The screen was highlighted, and I bring all of you, first and foremost, my gratitude, and the demanding and encouraging curators, all my respect and desire to reciprocate.

Each time with more ART!


Affection to all,

Vânia Valdo


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