“Brasil!” – Exhibition World Cup 2014

Hello, my dear, is there a little Brazil there? Well, today I would like to share with you how I will contribute art in the 2014 Brazil Cup!

The renowned curator Carmen Pousada invited me to participate in the collective exhibition “Folia in the foot and ball in the net” in the cultural space “Café Journal” in which several plastic artists honored football with art. They were montages, paintings, sculptures, canvases, collages, etc.

So I got out of my habit, and I accepted the challenge. I gave my best and searched within my style, my concept of the theme proposed.

I abused the colors and curves as usual, and through two of my screens at the “Café Journal” show, I received a new invitation. This time, curator Leda Maria in charge of Ward Nasse Gallery in New York.  

The proposal was even more different. During the World Cup, a giant soccer ball will be exhibited in the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Piracicaba, measuring 6 meters in diameter, in which the hexagonal seams of the ball will take the art of the great Brazilian plastics.  

For this occasion, I painted 3 portions of the unusual Giant Ball, associating football with nature. Fauna and flora, with lots of color and contrast, and soccer balls. Interesting, and it was the first time I painted without the chassis, I did a lot of dirt, I lost some pieces of clothing, and I was very happy. I come to share with you, dear friends.   Wait, see this giant Ball of the Show “Ball Show” soon!  

Here, a preview of the parts that are already ready:


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